We buy used or unwanted machinery

Rygate LLC is interested in any of your used machinery and equipment.

We are looking for Mechanical Straight Side presses from 30 Ton to 2500 Ton, Gap Frame presses, OBI 45 Ton to 300 Ton presses, Hydraulic Presses 100 Ton to 4000 Ton.

Rygate is also interested in used Feed Equipment, complete Servo Feed lines of all sizes, Coil Reels( motorized/non-motorized, double end or single end), Straighteners (Powered or Pull Off), Servo Feeds (Press or Cabinet Mounted), Coil Cradle/Straightener Combinations, etc..

We are willing to consider any and all trade ins of used Metal Stamping Presses/Hydraulic Press/ or Feedlines when purchasing a mechanical metal stamping press or feed line from Rygate LLC.

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