Rygate LLC is one of the largest stocking used Mechanical Stamping Press Dealers in North America. We have over 100 Mechanical Metal Stamping Presses in stock, all under one roof, in Livonia, MI, just minutes from Detroit Metro Airport.

We provide the comfort of visiting one facility for every one of your mechanical press requirements. We can offer to sell the press:

Rygate LLC offers Complete Transparency and Honesty about the condition of each and every metal stamping press in our inventory. We do not want a customer leaving our facility without a complete and total understanding of the condition of the machine that they are considering purchasing. Once the condition of a machine is assessed and determined, Rygate LLC brings in their top-notch teams of Superb Machine Repair – for mechanical rebuild and Piedmont Engineering – for electrical repairs or complete overhaul/replacement. We only work with the best in the area, because the customer’s satisfaction is our first and only priority.

In regards to different levels of Rebuild and/or Remanufacture, Rygate LLC offers to do the following:

Clutch/Brake Assembly Rebuilds
New liners, packings, springs, seals, remachine clutch/brake plates, reassemble, test for leaks.

Counterbalance Rebuilds
New packings, seals, polish rods, hone cylinders, new guide bushings, reassemble, air test for leaks.

Complete Slide Assembly Rebuilds
Removal of slide from press, complete disassembly, check barrels for cracks, check adjustments assemblies for any issues, repair as needed, replace wrist pins and wrist pin bushings, check knuckle bushings(replace if need be), skim cut wear surfaces, check adjustment screw threads/deburr, reassemble and test adjustment to make sure it runs properly, properly fit all new bushings.

Complete Crown Assembly Rebuilds
Disassemble crown, remove cranks or eccentrics, check bores for out of round, check all shafts for proper dimensions, check main and connection arm bushings, and replace if excess clearance (over .001” per inch of diameter), check crown assembly for cracking, reassemble and fit all bushings back into bores and shafts. Reassemble and test for proper clearance and heat check bushings when running for several hours.

Lubrication and Air System Updates
Provide partial updates, to complete overhaul and replacement of existing recirculating lubrication and air systems. Includes replacement of lube monitoring system, lube pump and motor, test lube manifolds and blocks, and replace if not properly functioning, check all lube lines for kinks or leaks. Lubrication is the life blood of a metal stamping press. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to make sure that the system is constantly providing lubrication to all points of a press.

Existing Electrical Controls
Repairs to existing electrical as well as integration of new PLC Clutch/Brake controls with existing motor starters on the press, to complete replacement of the existing control with a new Wintriss/Link/Toledo PLC Control – We do it all. We are here to accommodate and make the customer completely comfortable with the entire process.

Rygate LLC attempts to perform any work that the customer would prefer us to handle, so they can continue to focus on what makes them money, and we can help them in that process.

Warranties: We offer 30 Day Guarantee on anything purchased AS-IS and we offer 6 Month to 1 Year Warranty on all specific work performed on all machines sold.

Reputation is of paramount importance within our industry. Rygate LLC wants to continue to work with current and future customers, from the first metal stamping press sale, to hopefully the 20th press sale. In order to do that, we need to build a trusting, honest relationship, and we need to cultivate that relationship.

All Under One Roof: We try to offer out a wide variety of tonnage, bed area, and name brand presses, so the customer has any and all options of metal stamping presses at one location; 30930 Industrial Drive Livonia, MI 48150.

In Summary; Rygate LLC has a simple goal, since going into business in 2003. That is to provide each and every customer, who comes to inspect a press at the Livonia facility, the most cost-effective, production-ready, Mechanical Stamping Press. The goal is to have the press production-ready in as quick of a timeframe as the customer requires. However, all work will be performed to the highest quality, so the press continues to run at a continuously efficient level, for years to come.

Always think of Rygate LLC when you consider purchasing, or selling, a Mechanical Metal Stamping press or any of the Auxiliary Feed Equipment! We will always treat you fairly and with Honesty and Integrity.

Sincerely, Brian Bridgeman