Sesco 30” wide x 30,000 # Coil Reel with Powered Straightener and Cabinet Mounted Roll Feed

Stock Number: 710-07057
Manufacturer: Sesco
Serial Number: 19338-2/ 19341-2
Model Number: 55-336
Capacity: 30,000 #
Year: 1987


Stock Thickness Capacity: 30” wide x .187” thick material, 18” wide x .250” thick material
Min. Thickness Capacity:  0.060” @ full width
Power Supply:  460/3/60
O.D.:   72”
Location: Livonia, MI

Additional Specs:
Entry pinch rolls x 6″ diameter
Seven straightening rolls x 4″ diameter
Dial indicators for upper straightening roll position
Motorized upper straightening roll adjustment
Exit and Entry Pinch Rolls
3 Leaf Mandrel
Debender/Dekinker Arm
Trabon Lubrication System
Hydraulically actuated Hold Down Arm