800 Ton Verson Straight Side Mechanical Press Model: S4-800-120-60


Stock Number: 710-02245
Manufacturer: Verson
Model Number: S4-800-120-60
Stroke: 20"
Bed Area: 120" x 60"
Capacity: 800 Ton
Year: 1994


The specifications for this 800 Ton Verson Straight Side Mechanical Press Model: S4-800-120-60 is below. Contact us today for a quote.

  • Slide Area: 120″ x 60″
  • Bed Area: 120″ x 60″
  • Stroke Length:Β 20″
    Shut Height: 52″ over bed
    Adjustment: 24″
    Windows: 44″ wide
    SPM: 10-40
  • Year of Manufacture:Β 1994
    Overall Dimensions: 25′ floor to highest point
    Overall Weight: 300,000 # approx.
    Location: Livonia, MI
    Machine Stock Number: 710-02245
  • Additional Specs:
    -Air Clutch and Brake
    -Air Counterbalances
    -200 HP Main Motor
    -Motors and Controls
    -4 Vibration Isolation Levelers
    -8 Point Gibbing
    -T-slotted Bolster and Ram
    -Recirculating Lubrication System
  • OmniLink 5000 Electrical Control (New in 2005)

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Rygate LLC provides the comfort of visiting one facility for every one of your Straight Side Mechanical Press requirements. We can offer to sell the press:

  • AS IS and loaded on your truck
  • Free Loading Available
  • Cleaned & painted and loaded on your truck
  • Partially to completely rebuilt, run off at the Livonia facility, and loaded onto your truck

Rygate LLC offers Complete Transparency and Honesty about the condition of each and every metal stamping press in our inventory. We do not want a customer leaving our facility without a complete and total understanding of the condition of the machine that they are considering purchasing. Once the condition of a machine is assessed and determined, Rygate LLC brings in their top-notch teams of Superb Machine Repair – for mechanical rebuild and Piedmont Engineering – for electrical repairs or complete overhaul/replacement. We only work with the best in the area, because the customer’s satisfaction is our first and only priority.

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