40″ wide x 12,000 # Rowe Feedline, Coil Reel, Coil Car, Powered Straightener

Stock Number: 710-07053
Manufacturer: Rowe
Serial Number: 27892/27893
Model Number: 12040 DSL/C3-40
Capacity: 12,000 #


Max Outside Diameter: 60″
Inside Diameter: 20-24″
Location: Livonia, MI
Max Width of Coil: 40″ wide
Max Thickness: 0.156″ at 24″ wide
Max Coil Weight: 12,000 #
Machine Stock Number: 710-07053

Additional Specs:
-Rowe Coil Reel Model #: 12040 DSL
-Powered Expansion
-Threading Drive
-Drag Brake
-Coil Hold Down Arm
-Coil Load Car
-Rowe Powered Straightener No. C3-40
-7 Straightening Rolls x 3.5″ diameter
-Entry and Exit Pinch
-Power Flex 40 Allen Bradley Vari Speed Drive
-7-100 FPM
-Rowe Servo Roll Feed
-5″ diameter Feed Rolls
-Rexroth Indramat Drive System 200
-Entry Stock Width Edge Guides