300 Ton Minster, E2 Hevistamper


Stock Number: 710-02223
Manufacturer: Minster
Model Number: E2-300-96-48
Stroke: 8"
Bed Area: 96" x 48"
Capacity: 300 Ton


The specifications for this 300 Ton Minster, E2 Hevistamper is below. Contact us today for a quote.

Slide Area: 96″ x 48″
Shut Height: 28.5″ over bed
Adjustment: 6″
Windows: 25″ wide
Floor Standing: Yes
SPM: 18-42
Overall Weight: 110,000 #
Location: Livonia, Mi
Machine Stock Number: 710-02223
Bolster Plate: 6″ thick t-slotted plate
Slide Adjustment: 6″

Additional Specs:
-Air Clutch and Brake
-Air Counterbalances
-STI Light Curtains
-Imco Tonnage Monitor
-Allen Bradley Panelview 1000 Screen
-8 Point Gibbing
-Dual Ross Air Valve

Rebuild Work to Be Performed;

Rygate LLC is willing to incur the cost to remove the slide assembly and ship the slide to the press rebuilder.Β The slide will have every component removed from the slide.Β Slide will be set on a boring mill, check the bottom for flat, recut to flat if necessary, check bronze wear strips for squareness, skim cut and reflake as required.Β Clean up and machine all machined surfaces to flat.Β Deburr worm teeth and polish worm shafts, furnish new worm shaft bearings.Β  Skim cut Knuckle Seat; refit to knuck.Β Line bore wrist pin bores.Β Bore Links to clean up, replace bronze bushing material; furnish and install.Β  Reassemble Slide assembly and test run.Β Provide servicemen to reinstall slide and level slide and set gibbs at Rygate LLC Facility.Β 

Also, included is the replacement of the connection arm bushings, which connect the slide to the crown assembly.Β They will be replaced so as to allow the press to have β€˜like-new’ clearances throughout.

Both the clutch shaft and flywheel shaft will be removed and shipped to the press rebuilder.Β There they will have all new bearings and bushings installed.Β All bores, for the bushings, will be qualified and machined for proper clearance before installing the new bushings.Β When complete, both shafts will have all new bushings and bearings throughout.

Set of (4) Vibration Isolation Levelers is included with the press.Β They are the original mounts that go with the press.

Modification and replace all main Recirculating Lubrication Components i.e., (2) New MSP Blocks, to replace MR Blocks, New lubrication pump and motor, add prox switches (to monitor lubrication system through Toledo Updated control), Test system and make sure that all lubrication points are receiving proper oil.Β 

All gears have been inspected, by two mechanical press rebuilders in the Detroit area, Superb Machine Repair and Laporte Industrial Inc. We pulled gear covers and they determined that all gears are in good/very good condition, with very minimal wear.Β 

Includes a new Toledo Integrated Technologies PLC Clutch/Brake control.Β The PLC will be installed and integrated with the existing Allen Bradley AC Inverter Variable Speed Drive and motor starters and runoff at the Livonia facility.

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Rygate LLC provides the comfort of visiting one facility for every one of your Straight Side Mechanical Press requirements. We can offer to sell the press:

  • AS IS and loaded on your truck
  • Free Loading Available
  • Cleaned & painted and loaded on your truck
  • Partially to completely rebuilt, run off at the Livonia facility, and loaded onto your truck

Rygate LLC offers Complete Transparency and Honesty about the condition of each and every metal stamping press in our inventory. We do not want a customer leaving our facility without a complete and total understanding of the condition of the machine that they are considering purchasing. Once the condition of a machine is assessed and determined, Rygate LLC brings in their top-notch teams of Superb Machine Repair – for mechanical rebuild and Piedmont Engineering – for electrical repairs or complete overhaul/replacement. We only work with the best in the area, because the customer’s satisfaction is our first and only priority.

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