30 Ton Bruderer BSTA-30 II Hi Speed Production Press


Stock Number: 710-02148
Manufacturer: Bruderer
Model Number: BSTA-30II
Stroke: .5"-1.5"
Bed Area: 20.86" x 20.86"
Capacity: 30 Ton


Slide Area: 20.86
Shut Height: 9.17″
Adjustment: 2″
Windows: yes
Floor Standing: Yes
SPM: 100-1500
Location: Livonia, MI
Machine Stock Number: 710-02148

Additional Specs:
-Cylindrical Post Guides
-T-Slot Bolster and Ram
-Hydrostatic Vari-Speed Drive
-Air Clutch and brake with Selector Controls
-Top Driven Design
-Electrical Controls
-Push Button Operation

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30 Tons