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9513-1 thru 4

20,000 # x 30" wide Coe Servo Feedline, Capacity: 30" wide x 0.156" thick mat., Coe Powered Straightener with Debender and Hold Down Arm, Coe Coil Reel with Coil Car, Coe Cabinet Mounted Servo Feed with New Servo Drive and Control

Max Weight Capacity20,000 lb
Max Width30"
Max Diameter72"
Max Thickness0.21"
Max Thickness(Full Width)0.156"
Min. Thickness0.03"
Inside Diameter0"

Feed Direction: Right to Left Power Supply: 460/3/60 Capacity: 14" wide x 0.210" thick material

Equipped With

Coe Coil Reel Pull Off with Coil Car Model #: CPR-PO-20030 30" Diameter Backing plate Hydraulic Threading Drive Hydraulic mandrel Expansion Jog Forward and Reverse 3 Leaf Mandrel Keeper Arms Hydraulic Travelling Coil Car Coe Powered Straightener 7 Roll Individually Adjustable Straightening Rolls Model #: CPPS-PO-400-30 4" Diameter Rolls Independently Adjustable Breaker Rolls Entrance and Exit Cluster Gear Driven Pinch Rolls Air Raise and Lower Pinch Rolls 3 Roll Exit Cantenary Support Section Full Side plate and funnel 20 HP Variable Speed Drive DC Hold Down/Peeler/ Threader with Motorized End Wheel Sonar Loop Control System with Tight Loop Shut Off Coe Cabinet Mounted Servo Feed Model#: CPRF-430 New Delta Drive and Motor Controls Low Inertia Drive System Air Operated Pilot Release Air Pressure Regulator Raise and Lower Cylinders Remote Jog and Coil Cord Motorized Passline Height Adjustment Entrance Edge Guide with Self Centering

30" wide x 20,000 # Coe Servo Feedline, New in 1994, New Servo Drive and Motor Controls in 2022

30" wide x 20,000 # Coe Servo Feedline, New in 1994, New Servo Drive and Motor Controls in 2022
Coil Feedlines