32 Stand Tishken Duplex Style Roll Forming Machine

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Stock Number: 710-08023
Manufacturer: Tishken
Serial Number: 21130-293
Model Number: 32-HW-AS-3
Capacity: 32 Stand
Year: 1993


Location: Fort Smith, AR
Machine Stock Number: 710-08023

Additional Specs:
-32 Stand Tishken Duplex Style Roll Former
-32 Spindle Base (3) Bases Coupled together
-28 Pair of Spindles
-Spindle Diameter: 3″
-Adjustable Roll Space: 30-40 ” width
-Vertical Spindle Adjustment
-Fixed Block Main Drive Train Back Side
-Power Adjusted Outboard Spindle Support Stands
-Provision for Lateral Motion to accommodate Width Positioning Requirements
-Manual Overide of Spindle Positioning
-Powered Lateral Traverse with Loop Operator control