250 Ton Verson Straight Side Press

Stock Number: 087-00924
Manufacturer: Verson
Serial Number: 23065
Model Number: S2-250-96-48
Stroke: 12"
Bed Area: 96" x 48"
Capacity: 250 Ton


Category: SSDC Press
Slide Area: 96″ x 48″
Shut Height: 30 1/2″ over bed
Adjustment: 8″
Windows: 28″ Wide
SPM: 25
Overall Dimensions: 19’8″ tall
Location: IN
Machine Stock Number: 087-00924

Additional Specs:
-6″ Thick Bolster
-52″ from Floor to top of Bolster
-T-Slotted Ram and Bolster
-Air Clutch and Brake
-8 Point Gibbing
-(4) VibroDynamic Vibration Isolation Levelers
-Air Counterbalances
-Link Logic Brake Monitor
-Single/Inch/Continuous Operartion
-Set of Banner Light Curtains
-Set of Safe 7 Scan Curtains
-Pax Lubricator
-Palm Button Stands

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250 Tons