1500 Ton Williams and White Downacting, Gib Guided Hydraulic Press

Stock Number: 710-05013
Manufacturer: Williams and White
Serial Number: C-4580
Model Number: SH-1500-120-84
Stroke: 84"
Bed Area: 120" x 84"
Capacity: 1500 Ton
Year: 1987


Slide Area: 120″ x 84″
Shut Height: 109″
Rapid Advance: 925 IPM
Fast Press: 4-45 IPM
Return: 650 IPM
Overall Dimensions: 30′ floor to top of hydraulic tank
Overall Weight: 285,000 #
Location: Livonia, MI
Machine Stock Number: 710-05013

Additional Specs:
-Gib Guided Construction
-Big Windows
-Oil Reservoir
-Hydraulic Tie Rod Nuts
-Kicker Cylinder

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1500 Tons