150 Ton Verson Straight Side Mechanical Press

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Stock Number: 710-02230
Manufacturer: Verson
Model Number: S2-150-72-48T
Stroke: 12"
Bed Area: 72" x 48"
Capacity: 150 Ton


Slide Area: 72
Shut Height: 25″
Adjustment: 6″
Windows: 20″ wide
Floor Standing: Yes
SPM: 22
Location: Livonia, MI
Machine Stock Number: 710-02230

Additional Specs:
-Air Clutch and Brake
-Air Counterbalances
-Trabon Recirculating Lubrication System
-T-Slotted Bolster and Ram
-Palm Button Stand
-Link 501 Solid State Press Control
-8 Point Gibbing
-Motors and Controls

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150 Tons