Your triple stamp press has been making that noise all day. You know this means your machine is due for some immediate repairs, but what other instances should you take in your triple stamp press to get fixed?

Read on to learn about the 7 most common signs your triple stamp press needs immediate repairs.

1. Leaky Lubrication System

A triple stamp press needs to have proper lubrication to be well-maintained. There are a lot of motions the stamping press does that must be lubricated to avoid any contact or friction. If the rotary motions or metal on metal components have these issues, it could cause wear on the press.

A leaky system may be caused by a broken or kinked line. Check for any lubricant leakage or oil spots on the machine frame or the floor. Always be sure to check that there are no contaminants in the lubricant.

2. Cracked Frame

Your triple stamp press may have cracking, deflection, or warping. Finding any of these signs could indicate that you need immediate repairs.

Cracks anywhere on the press or its parts could mean your machine is overloaded causing fatigue. You need to prevent any crack from growing more. The main thing to do is to find the cause of the cracks and any other damages that may not be easily seen.

The first place to look for a crack is where parts seat together. These are the first areas that have cracking, deflection, or warping on most triple stamp presses. A metal stamping press is not immune to this issue.

Any crack is an indication that immediate work is necessary. A crack could mean a lot of different things that aren’t good for your precision stamp press. For example, a crack could mean some bolts are loose or broken.

3. Loose or Protruding Fasteners

The most common reason for loose or protruding fasteners is fatigue.

A loose foundation or fastener could also mean that your press is twisted. This causes it to try to find its level.

4. Worn Gearing

Be on the lookout for any wear on your stamp press machine. Analyzing these patterns could help you get to the bottom of it faster.

Gearing is the most common place to find wear on your triple stamp press. Look at the gear teeth to find any wear patterns, fractures, uneven contact, indentations, or abnormal contact.

If a worn gear goes without repair, it can result in a huge failure. Be wary of any gear wear because even wear that seems harmless is often not. A machine that is functioning properly and being used with specific engineer expectations will have gears that move without causing wear.

5. Faulty Operating System

You should inspect your press every day to ensure all of the functions are working properly. This includes checking the safety functions and stopping times.

Green and red indicator lights can be beneficial, but you cannot only rely on them to detect a malfunction when it comes to safety. This is because something like faulty wiring can also cause the machine to malfunction. 

When testing your press, make sure it stops after every safety feature is measured. A safety test that does not automatically stop the press should be cause for concern.

6. Broken Piping

Broken piping in the pneumatic system should be fixed immediately. During your daily inspection, check for unsupported or broken piping.

You cannot go on with a broken pipe because the pneumatic system is an important part of safely operating the press. This is something that could cause you to not be compliant with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) if it goes unfixed.

If you don’t know what you are looking for when it comes to broken pipes, check the rotary unions. A wobbly one will indicate that the machine is at risk of failing. Corrective repairs should be made immediately.

7. Broken Electrical Wiring

Broken, bare, or even unattached wiring requires a closer look. This usually means repairs are necessary. Other aspects like missing switches, knobs, lights that no longer work and other broken parts also mean you urgently need repairs on your triple stamp press.

You can review the OSHA standards on electrical schematics to ensure you are following the right rules. If the date on the schematic is overdue, you need upgrades right away. This requires a professional industrial electrician to take a look at it.

Other Things to Be Aware Of

The above list is just 7 common issues you can physically see when checking your triple stamp press for issues—but is also important to listen, smell, and touch the press to notice any other problems.

If you notice that the machine has all of a sudden changed its noise pattern, this is not a good sign. Yes, the machine is already noisy, but any sound that is different from the regular rhythmic pattern should be taken seriously.

Odd noises coming from the machine could mean damage or wear has happened. For example, a thumping or banging sound could mean you have broken parts that need immediate attention.

You should also be on the lookout for any strange smells when you are using your press. You won’t have to guess if your machine is overheating, the smell will probably be quite noticeable. If you smell burning lubricant, get your machine checked out right away.

Lastly, be sure to touch your triple stamp press when you are testing it out before use. The normal temperature should not change dramatically. Failure often occurs because of a shift in temperature.

If the machine has been running for over four hours and is too hot to the touch, you have a problem. A change in temperature could mean a lot of things, so get it fixed as soon as possible.

Fix Your Triple Stamp Press Today!

I know you don’t want to deal with catastrophic failure, so get your triple stamp press fixed today! If you are having any of these issues, immediate repairs are required. Don’t wait for failure, call the professionals to help you out.

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