If your metal press machine needs to be replaced and you ignore the signs, the results could be catastrophic. Whether you have a hydraulic press or mechanical press, you have to listen to what the machine is trying to tell you. If something goes wrong, it could cost your business thousands of dollars.

Luckily, there are many signs that your machine needs replacing. You’ll get plenty of warning before your machine tuckers out, as long as you know what to look for. Many of these problems don’t even necessarily mean you have to replace the machine – you may just need some routine maintenance. 

Your metal press is integral to keeping your business running smoothly. Read on to find out how to read the signs that it needs some help. Knowing your machine will make all the difference!

Signs Your Metal Press Machine Needs Replacing

It’s very unlikely that your stamping press will just up and quit one day. Metal press failure takes a while to happen, and your machine will give you signs well ahead.

The warning signs aren’t exactly obvious: there’s no red flashing light or sirens. But you can see, hear, and feel them! Because press machines are meant to function indefinitely, any change in appearance or operation should be immediately investigated. 

However, you may not know what exactly to look for. Here are the biggest signs that your metal stamping press machine should be replaced soon. 

1. Sprung A Leak

It takes a lot of lubrication to keep a sheet metal press machine working efficiently. Because of this, they’re designed to keep all the lubrication inside the machine. If you see any sort of leaking or puddling below the machine, investigate immediately

No oil or fluid should be coming out of the machine. If this happens, it could indicate significant problems within the machine. Not to mention, puddles of oil or lubricant pose slip-and-fall risks for workers. 

Try to identify the source of the leak first. See if it stops when the machine is turned off. Record all the info and go ahead and call a repairman.

2. The Rhythm’s Off

Your stamping press machine should work in a steady, comforting rhythm. If all is correct, there should be no thumping or clanging sounds at all. Suspicious noises can be a sign that your machine is uncalibrated or that a piece has broken. 

If your machine is squealing or squeaking, it may mean that it is not lubricated properly. Pieces of the machine may also be rubbing against each other due to a lack of calibration or clearance. 

An electrical hum or buzz could indicate a short or other technical problem. If you hear any strange noises coming from your press machine, turn it off to prevent further breakage. 

3. Warps or Cracks

If your machine is not exactly young, it may be showing the signs of wear and tear. A fatigued machine will have a cracked or warped frame. Take this visual tells seriously: it takes a lot to warp a press machine! 

Any gaps in the machine’s seams can also indicate fatigue. Pay special attention to any parts of the machine that withstand consistent pressure or are usually in motion. These are often the first spots on a press machine to show cracks or warping. 

Even the slightest change in your machine’s outward appearance can indicate a serious problem. Don’t hesitate to contact a repairman and start shopping for replacements. 

4. Jumping or Shaking

This is an overt sign that your press machine is on its last legs. The machine should run smoothly and stay in place while it does. If it begins to shake, wobble, or scoot around, it’s a sign that something is broken or off-balance. 

Your machine may also start to vibrate excessively. This is a concern because over-vibration can cause other parts of the machine to crack or break. It may be caused by incorrect clearances or part of the machine being off-balance. 

A jumpy machine can cause more problems than it’s worth. Excessive movement will affect other components of the press and lead to a domino effect. Therefore, it’s best to go ahead and replace a machine that’s trying to dance around the room.

5. Overheating

Temperature variations in a machine indicate considerable problems within. However, overheating can be quickly detected. When your machine is off, lay the palm of your hand on at least three bearing points. 

Then, after letting the machine run for a few hours, turn it off, and test with your palm again. The temperature should not vary wildly. Perform this check routinely to make sure no overheating goes unnoticed. 

If your machine is giving off excessive heat at any point, turn it off quickly. Give it a chance to cool down. If the overheating continues, call a mechanic. 

Metal Press Maintenance 

Maintaining your metal press is not difficult but requires vigilance. Make sure that you’re performing visual checks often and attending to any suspicious sounds or leaks. Make sure you know how to perform simple repairs on your machines and have a mechanic on-call in case something surprises you. 

Giving your stamping press machine proper attention and care can make or break your business. Invest your time in maintaining your presses. But don’t be afraid to replace them once they’ve been fatigued. 

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

We hope this guide answered all your questions about when to replace your metal press machine. There are several telltale signs that your press is at the end of its life. You just have to learn how to spot them!

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